Home Finance Introductory Rate - Terms and Conditions


1. Customer Eligibility: Customer Eligibility for the Financing is subject to meeting our standard credit and compliance approval criteria.
2. Rate eligibility period: This introductory annual percentage rate is only valid to be used for the period 01 February to 30 June 2024 or, when the funding allocation is fully subscribed.
3. Finance Details:
a. The introductory annual percentage rate for the Financing is 6.5%. 
b. This introductory annual percentage rate applies for the first 6 months only from the start date of the finance agreement ("Introductory Period").
c. After the introductory period, the Financing will revert to the standard variable finance rate disclosed on our website www.salaam.com.au
5. Amendments: These conditions can be amended by us, subject to regulatory requirements and proper notice to the Customer.
6. Acceptance: By availing of the Financing, the Customer agrees to these conditions through accepting of their finance agreement with Salaam.