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Important: Action Required to Update Your Superannuation Instructions

The Crescent Wealth Super Fund has been closed and members are being transferred to Salaam superannuation*

*Salaam superannuation is a division of the Russell Investments Master Trust

Salaam represents the new frontier in Shariah-compliant wealth creation, offering Australia’s one million-strong Muslim community access to inclusive wealth creation and personal finance solutions.

Islamic home finance solutions for all

Providing Shariah-compliant Islamic home finance solutions for all Australians.

Our home finance products are the premium choice for Australians conscious about Shariah-compliance and Islamic faith-based principles regarding their finances.

With no early termination fee and a range of features (digital access and locally based customer service team), we will aim to provide a genuine home loan alternative for those looking to fulfil their property-ownership goals. Of course Application and Annual Fees apply.

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Secure Your Dream Home!

Introductory rate for 6 months*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Ethical and 100% Shariah-compliant superannuation

From 1 June 2024 Salaam members will have exclusive access to three Shariah-compliant superannuation options, ensuring your superannuation investment is aligned with your values.

Why join Salaam?

Salaam is for Australian Muslims who want to build their wealth ethically and according to their values. Our products are fully Shariah-compliant, meaning you won’t have to compromise on your beliefs.

With Islamic finance being the world’s largest growing financial sector, projected to hit $8 trillion by 2026, Salaam represents a significant moment of inclusivity for Australia’s financial sector through its range of innovative Islamic finance product.

Products at launch will include three superannuation options with retirement goal tracker and home-finance release.

Products to be released in the second half of 2024 include advice capabilities and pension product (via the Russell Investment Master Trust), Hajj savings fund, asset financing, an exclusive SMSF property finance product, an educational fund for schools and a Janazah (funeral) fund.

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Salaam Community

Beyond Islamic investing, we are passionate about bringing positive change to the Australian community through our sister organisations.