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Salaam superannuation
is a division of the Russell Investments Master Trust

ABN 89 384 753 567

Investing in an ethical future

Salaam superannuation members have exclusive access to three Shariah-compliant investment options that will not compromise your values or beliefs.

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As a Salaam superannuation member you will join a community of other like-minded individuals that are investing for the good.

We're excited about the impact that Islamic Shariah-compliant investing can have to build a better world, doing good for the community, the environment and humanity.

Why should you join?

Salaam superannuation invests in industries and companies that comply with Islamic investment guidelines.

We provide an ethical and Shariah-compliant alternative to conventional Australian superannuation funds. View our accreditations.

Your investment options & fees

Salaam superannuation members have exclusive access to three Islamic-compliant investment options.

Each option has a different investment return objective, time frame, risk, and timing strategy. Choosing the option that’s right for you brings you a step closer to ensuring your super is invested according to your Islamic values.

Salaam Wealth Super Fund offers ongoing competitive management fees but has no establishment, withdrawal, contribution or termination fees.

Benefits to the community

Beyond Islamic investing, we are passionate about bringing positive change to the Australian community through our sister organisations, Salaam Foundation and Salaam Institute.

Application requirements

To apply for Salaam Wealth Superannuation Fund membership, please provide your details here. On submission, you will be taken to an electronic application form you must complete before the trustee considers and approves your application.

You must read the product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Salaam Wealth Superannuation Fund. Before submitting your electronic application, please ensure you have read and understood the PDS.

Suppose you require advice about whether membership in the fund will meet your objectives, financial situation or needs. In that case, you must consult a suitably qualified financial planner before submitting your application.

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Superannuation Fund Name
Russell Investments Master Trust

Unique Superannuation Identifier

Australian Financial Services Licence
(AFSL) 365260

Australian Business Number
(ABN) 89 384 753 567


Company Name
Salaam Wealth Funds Management
(Aust) Pty Ltd.

Head Office
Level 32, Grosvenor Place
225 George Street, Sydney
NSW 2000 Australia

Postal Address
GPO Box 4650, Melbourne
VIC 3001 Australia


Office Hours
Our concierge team is available weekdays between 8:30am to 5:30pm (AEST) .

Within Australia
1300 926 626

Outside Australia
+61 2 9696 9800

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