How we invest your super

We grow your savings through ethical and Islamic-compliant investments

Good for you, your community and the world

Islamic super

We invest your super according to Islamic investment principles so that your retirement funds are halal.

Looking forward

We continually seek to grow your savings to deliver long-term results.


You can select investment options that match your appetite for risk and returns. And we’ll be open and upfront about your fund’s performance and costs.


Your money supports a more sustainable world because environmental and social factors are part of all our investment strategies.

How your money is invested

Unlike most super funds in Australia, all our investments are Islamically-compliant. (In fact, more than 40% of conventional super funds in Australia are invested in interest/riba alone, according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia in March 2020.)

Not only do we adhere to stringent Islamic investment principles, but we also give you a choice of investment strategies to select the degree or risk and potential returns to match your personal preferences and circumstances.

When we invest your money, we strategically place this across different investment markets using a range of asset classes to grow your retirement savings. Our specialist investment managers have a deep knowledge of the markets and assets.

They are dedicated to your investment objectives, they closely follow the investments’ progress, and they fine-tune where required. And crucially, they are all well-versed in Islamic investment principles.

Investing for the good

Ethical investments
Ethical investments
Unethical investments
Unethical investments

Islamic Compliance

All investments comply with Globally recognised Islamic Investment Standards


Dar Al Sharia

Our investments are substantially compliant with Shariah principles

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