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Changing Jobs

You don’t open a new bank account when you start a new job, so why open a new super account?


By taking your Salaam Super account with you when you start a new job, you will:

  • Save time & inconvenience
    by keeping your super in the same place 
  • Save money
    by avoiding multiple administration fees and insurance premiums.

Forward a completed 'Pay my super to Salaam' form to your new employer for your super contributions to continue being paid into your Salaam super account. Or call us on 1300 926 626 and we’ll arrange it for you.

Grow your super by consolidating it

Changing jobs is the perfect time to take control and consolidate all your super funds into a single fund. It’s a faster, simpler process than you might expect. Here is some additional information on how to consolidate your super.

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