Ethical and 100% Shariah-compliant superannuation

From 1 June 2024 Salaam members will have exclusive access to three Shariah-compliant superannuation options, ensuring your superannuation investment is aligned with your values.


Why join Salaam?

Salaam invests in industries and companies that comply with Islamic investment guidelines.

We provide an ethical and Shariah-compliant alternative to conventional Australian superannuation funds.

Switch to Australia’s first Islamic-compliant super fund

As a Salaam superannuation member you will join a community of other like-minded individuals that are investing for the good.

We're excited about the impact that Islamic Shariah-compliant investing can have to build a better world, doing good for the community, the environment and humanity.

Benefits to the community

Beyond Islamic investing we are passionate about bringing positive change to the Australian community through our sister organisations, Salaam Foundation and Salaam Institute.

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