Find my lost super!

Australians have more than $10 billion of lost super. Claim your share.

You’ve worked hard for your superannuation savings. Now it’s time to make your savings work harder for you.

If you have previously changed your name, address or job then your super savings may be split across several accounts or held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) waiting to be claimed. 

Instead of letting multiple administrative fees and insurance premiums quietly eat away at your money, you can consolidate your super in a single account. And we can help.

To find out if you have lost super, you can check using ATO online services or join Salaam Wealth in under five minutes and we will find any lost super for you. 

Quick & simple process

We’ve helped our members claim millions of dollars in lost and unclaimed super. So call us on 1300 926 626, and we’ll help you find and transfer your super over the phone.

We charge no fees for this service

We won’t charge you for finding, claiming, and transferring your super into your Salaam Wealth fund, although your existing super fund(s) may charge you exit fees.

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Before you consolidate, you should review your insurance arrangements. When you consolidate your super, you will lose your insurance cover from the funds you have consolidated. It is important that you review your level of insurance and ensure that it provides you with adequate cover for your needs.

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