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Consolidate your super

All superannuation accounts charge fees and insurances, so the more super accounts you have, the more you pay. Still, you can avoid these multiple costs by combining your super into a single account.


Keeping all your super savings in a single account saves time and money. 

It’s easier to keep track of your super when it’s all in one place and it reduces the admin that comes with having several super accounts. You won’t be paying multiple times for similar fees and insurances from multiple super accounts. And having one account with a larger balance could deliver benefits from market gains and compound growth over the long term.

Find your super in minutes

It quick, simple, and free to combine your super with Salaam. We’ve helped our members claim millions of dollars in lost and unclaimed super. Call us on 1300 926 626 and we’ll help you find and transfer your super over the phone.

You may have lost super accounts

If you have previously changed your name, address or job then your super savings may be split across several accounts or held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) waiting to be claimed. In fact the ATO estimates Australians have more than $10 billion in unclaimed super.

To minimise any issues with lost super, it is important to ensure your contact details are up to date and that we have your Tax File Number on file. We won’t charge you for finding, claiming, and transferring your super into your Salaam super fund, although your existing super fund(s) may charge you exit fees.

How to find your lost super

You can look for lost super using ATO online services or join Salaam in under five minutes and we will find any lost super for you.

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